The Fair Wells side by side

 Whimsical lyrics and harmony 

 permeate this folk tour de force in the  vein of The Civil Wars and Alex & Sierra. 
Since meeting in 2015, Tarah New- a Texas platinum princess- and Paul Haasch, a dapper Virginia native have been writing and performing duets in and around Southern California.  Their music- playful to painful songs on love, taps into the very core of the passion, sentiment and desperation that come along with any and every relationship. 

The Fair Wells released their 5-song debut EP "Hurricane" on November 30th, 2016.  They host a popular music cover/mashup channel on YouTube, and continue to perform at Los Angeles staples such as The Hotel Cafe and The Viper Room.  The duo is constantly writing and recording, and is planning a West Coast tour in the coming season...

For booking or info on the band, contact Paul at [email protected]